Episode 07 – Monstrous Mandela

Total Conundrum
Episode 07 - Monstrous Mandela

Get ready for a double dose of mysteries in the latest episode of “Total Conundrum”!

Join Traci as she delves into the legendary waters of Bear Lake to uncover the spine-chilling tale of the Bear Lake Monster. Is there truly a mysterious creature lurking beneath the surface, or is it just a product of wild imagination? Prepare for a journey into the depths of myth and mystery that will leave you questioning what lies beneath.

But that’s not all! Jeremy takes the reins to explore the mind-bending concepts of the Matrix and the Mandela Effect. Step into the realm of reality-bending ideas as he uncovers the curious instances where our perception of reality might be more malleable than we think. Brace yourselves for a mind-expanding exploration that will challenge your understanding of the world around you.

Get ready for an episode filled with cryptic creatures, mind-bending theories, and thought-provoking mysteries that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Tune in to “Total Conundrum” and let the unraveling begin!

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