Episode 06 – Moonlit Murders & Lobster Tales

Total Conundrum
Episode 06 - Moonlit Murders & Lobster Tales

In this riveting episode of Total Conundrum, Traci and Jeremy dive into two chilling and baffling tales that will leave you questioning the boundaries of human nature. Join us as Traci takes the lead and unravels the perplexing story of Lobster Boy, a man whose life was marked by a peculiar condition and a dark twist that sends shivers down the spine.
But the intrigue doesn’t stop there. Jeremy shifts the focus to another unfathomable character, Mikail Popkov, known as “The Werewolf,” who terrorized his community with a spree of gruesome murders. As Jeremy peels back the layers of this disturbing case, listeners will be drawn into the twisted mind of a real-life monster.
Get ready to explore the astonishing and horrifying narratives of Lobster Boy and Mikail Popkov as Total Conundrum brings you another spine-tingling episode that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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