Episode 03 – She’s Gone and He’s Not Grate.

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Episode 03 - She's Gone and He's Not Grate.

In this chilling episode, Jeremy & Traci delve into a haunting tale of Resurrection Mary and a serial Killer, Shawn Grate that have left a mark on the hearts and minds of those involved.

“Resurrection Mary”:
Traci, ventures into the legend of “Resurrection Mary,” a ghostly apparition said to roam the roads of Chicago’s Archer Avenue. According to local folklore, Mary is a young woman who tragically perished in a car accident decades ago. Now, she is rumored to hitchhike with unsuspecting drivers, only to mysteriously vanish before reaching her destination. As they dig deeper into the tale, the team uncovers eerie eyewitness accounts, exploring the origins of the legend and questioning whether there’s any truth behind the ghostly encounters. Are these chilling sightings a product of overactive imaginations, or is there something otherworldly at play?

“Shawn Grate”:
Jeremy, immersed us in the twisted and horrifying story of Shawn Grate, a convicted serial killer. Grate’s murderous spree terrorized Ohio as he targeted vulnerable women, leading to multiple gruesome murders. The team delves into the psychology of this disturbed individual, examining his troubled upbringing, criminal history, and the shocking details of his brutal crimes. They also explore how Grate managed to evade capture for so long and what ultimately led to his arrest. This gripping narrative serves as a reminder of the darkness that lurks in the shadows and the importance of staying vigilant against such sinister forces.

As the episode unfolds, viewers will find themselves on an emotional roller coaster, filled with suspense, fear, and fascination. “Resurrection Mary and Shawn Grate” will leave audiences questioning the boundaries between the living and the dead and contemplating the depths of human depravity. Join Jeremy & Traci as they untangle these enigmatic cases, seeking closure for the victims and their families while unraveling the enigmatic threads of the supernatural and the all-too-real horrors of a twisted mind.

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