Episode 09 – Not All Hero’s Wear Capes

Total Conundrum
Episode 09 - Not All Hero's Wear Capes

“Join us in this emotionally charged episode of Total Conundrum as Traci delves into the heartbreaking and infuriating story of Rehtaeh Parsons. Rehtaeh’s life took a tragic turn after an incident that highlights the harsh realities of cyberbullying and the urgent need for change in our society.

Traci explores the events leading up to this devastating story, shedding light on the consequences of a justice system that sometimes fails those in need. Rehtaeh’s story is a stark reminder that we must continue to advocate for change and stand against the injustices that affect our youth.

Tune in as we remember Rehtaeh Parsons, her indomitable spirit, and the legacy that inspires us to fight for a safer, more compassionate world. Don’t miss this powerful episode of Total Conundrum.”

🎉 We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with fellow podcasters! 🎉
Starting this week, we’re diving into a unique initiative to cross-promote the fantastic shows out there. This isn’t a paid advertisement; it’s podcasters helping podcasters, amplifying each other’s stories, and bringing exceptional content to your ears.

This week we have a special treat for you: a trailer from the @theafrocentricpodcast hosted by the incredible Morgan Gray. 🙌

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